display technology

Digi-Power Technology

Unique smart digital display technology, showing exact remaining power in digital format.

Ergonomic Design

Strictly in accordance with the ergonomic design, the appropriate curvature is designed on both sides to avoid the fatigue of hands caused by the long shooting process after a comfortable grip measurement of the human hand.

Professional Anti-shake

The professional anti-shake function effectively reduces the jitter caused by the finger when pressing the shutter, so the picture is clearer.

Digi-Power II Technology

Unique smart digital display technology helps clearly display AC, DC, USB, USB-C, Cooling Fun status; remaining power percentage; left time and input/output power parameter (base on real-time loading and using condition).ronment to support our daily energetic life.

Bulb Shooting

The bulb controls the long-time exposure. The exposure time can be customized if you push up the switch to turn on and reset the shutter. Making good use of the bulb, you could capture the moment and keep wonderful.

Program Interval, Camera Timer

The timed shutter remote control can use advanced functions: set the time-lapse movie shooting and timed shooting to keep good moments, such as sunrise and sunset, blooming and withering.

fast charge technology

Power Delivery 2.0 Technology

The combination of USB Type-C and USB PD 2.0 is the best quick charge solution at present. Compatible with different voltage devices from 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V, it supports bi-directional fast charging and USB-PD digital communication protocol. It can charge any mobile phones, tablets and laptops within 100W.

Color Temperature Control Technology Second Generation High Temperature Protection System

With high-quality lens and good light transmittance, the color temperature is accurately controlled to 5800K. The new lens is of high temperature resistance and aging resistance, eliminating the insulating glass and avoiding the adverse effects of light attenuation and color temperature caused by the insulating glass of the first generation.
Large-sized LCD Screen

Up to 100,000 times of the life span of metal button

Unlike LCD screen used by other flashlights, the large-sized LCD screen does not lead to the problem of insufficient power consumption, clarity and longevity. The stainless steel protective frame is also used to prevent accidental drops. The function button is made of independent metal, which is durable with more than 100,000 times service life.

S1, S2 Function Simple and Quick Flashing

SLAVE1(S1) mode - Supports the light-controlled flash of conventional and universal flashes, that is, the flash that provides the flash source without TTL pre-flash.
SLAVE2 (S2) mode - supports TTL pre-flash, including dome light with pre-flash function and independent TTL light.

TTL Accurate Light Metering

Equipped with a fully automatic TTL lgiht metering system, it is ready for every moment and automatically captures accurate exposure without fear of complex light.

iM-Power Technology

1. Exclusive intelligent charging technology specially for iPhone, providing charging speed up to 250% compared with original charger.
2. Automatically identifies charging devices, providing optimal current to charge faster and safer.

Strobe Mode

The trajectory of things will be recorded by you one by one. Strobe is one of the special functions of flash. Usually, the flash triggers only once, and when shooting a moving object, the artificial flash is set so that it flashes multiple times during a single exposure process, which is stroboscopic.

Backlight Switch

Detailed parameters can be easily viewed even in the dark.

Fine Control

You can feel free to take pictures with 22 levels in increments of 1/3 + 3 files.

2.5S Fast Callback

Don't miss a shutter because of 4s callback time.

The lamp cap can be adjusted within 270 degrees

The lamp cap is up and down 90 degrees + negative 7 degrees, and the left and right within 270 degrees adjustable arbitrarily to meet the needs of multi-angle exposure.