T710N 2.4G Digital Camera Shutter Release Remote Control LCD Timer for Nikon



Automatic timer: It can select delay time(time before shooting starts, exposure time, interval time, continuous AF and number of shots for timed interval photography.

Manual Release: Take photographs manually by using the shutter-release button on the Timer Remote Control. Photographs can be taken manually even when the timer is running.

Two-stage Release Button: Halfway pressing for auto-focus; complete pressing for taking pictures. It is equipped with an interval timer suited to a wide variety of tasks, including astronomical photography.

Compatible with: Nikon D90, D5000, D7000, D3100, D5100, Nikon N90s/F5/F6/F100/F90/F90X/D1/D1H/D D2/D3/D2H/D2Hs/D2X/D2Xs D200/D300/D7 Kodak DSC-14N/Fuji S3 Pro/Fuji S5 Pro etc.



Portabel compact, Ergonomic design.

Digital LCG backlight display.

Remote control shooting, single/continuous shoting.

Bulb shooting, Timing plan shooting.

Professional anti-shake feature

Higg-grade cable safe and durable.


Delay time: 0 s to 99 hrs 59 mins 59 secs (with 1 second increment)

Exposure time: 0 s to 99 hrs 59 mins 59 secs (with 1 second increment)

Interval time: 0 s to 99 hrs 59 mins 59 secs (with 1 second increment)

Shooting amount: 1 to 399 times, or infinite times (-)

Power source: Two AAA 1.5V Lr03 alkaline batteries

Battery life (approx.): The continuous shooting time can be about 2 months when the delay time is set as 5 mins, the exposure time is 4 mins 56 secs and the interval time is 5 mins. Use of the illumination will reduce the battery life

Operating temperature:  -20℃~+50℃(-4℉〜+122℉)

Dimension(approx.): 155* 40* 18mm (6.1x1.6x0.7in)


Package includes: T710*1 /AAA battery*2 /User manual*1 /Review card*1 /Shutter cables*2 (2 species for option)

What is in the box

T710N Digital Camera Remote Controller,

AAA Battery*2,

User Manual*1,

Review Card*1,

Shutter Cable*2,

our 18-month warranty and friendly customer service: support@photoolex.net.


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