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Compatible Shutter sync: 1st curtain, 2nd curtain, high speed sync (HSS/FP), Max 1/8000s sync speed.

Support E-TTL, Manual and Multi flash modes.

High performance master or slave. It uses 2.4 GHz digital radio signals for relieable connection at a distances of 100 meters, including around corners and through walls.

Support flash exposure compensation (FEC), flash exposure bracketing (FEB), flash exposure lock, modeling Flash, E-TTL group ratio (ALL/ A:B/ A:B C), flash zooming (auto, manual), AF assist beam emitter (AF Lamp), PC port triggering strobe flashes.



1. Compatible flash mode: E-TTL (II)/ Manual/ Multi

2. Compatible Shutter sync: 1st curtain, 2nd curtain, high speed sync (HSS/FP), Max 1/8000s sync speed

3. Control remote flash using camera's flash control menu screen (Remote Control Mode)

4. Support E-TTL / Manual/ Multi flash mode mix using (Mix Control Mode) *

5. Flash on hot-shoe of transmitter supports ETTL

6. Support Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)

7. Support Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB) *

8. Support Flash Exposure Lock (FEL)

9. Support modeling Flash *

10. Support E-TTL group ratio (ALL/ A:B/ A:B C)

11. Support Manual/Multi group (ALL/ A:B/ A:B:C)

12. Support flash zooming (auto, manual)

13. Support AF assist beam emitter (AF Lamp)

14. Support PC port triggering strobe flashes and support 1st, 2nd curtain/HSS (Super Sync)

15. Support LCD Live view triggering

16. Support high-speed continuous shooting trigger Settings saved automatically

17. Compatible with ALL DF/ Canon EXII series flashes

18. Support single-contact of camera & flash triggering (max sync speed is 1/250s)


System type: Digital 2.4GHz ISM wireless transceiver
Distance: 100M
Channel: 7
Flash mode: E-TTL (II), Manual flash, Multi flash
Sync mode: 1st curtain, 2nd curtain, Hi-speed sync
Groups: 3Groups (A/B/C) 
Sync speed: 1/8000s
Input: Hot-shoe (TTL, main contact) 
Output: Hot-shoe, PC port
Applicable battery: AAX2 (support 1.2 V rechargeable battery) 
Stand-by time: 8h
Dimensions: 79*48*37mm
Weight: 86g

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Photoolex WFC-05 Wireless Flash Trigger*1,


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